Crisis, Crisis Everywhere and not a…Solution 

Is the GOP in crisis? Yes, of course it is, but worse, so is America. The GOP’s crisis is called Donald Trump in whose hands potentially lies the salvation of an America quickly slipping away. America’s crisis is called the Democrat Party (Progressive socialists) which has worked fastidiously to denigrate, downgrade and outright trash the rule of law (the US Constitution), to be substituted by the knowledgable and learned input of the  intellectual business and banking class who claim they know better how to govern the masses better then the masses can do themselves. Do not doubt them!

The GOP crisis, when this Trump shock phenomena finally fades out, is really nothing more than a needed adjustment to the political party that improperly calls itself “conservative.” Trump has redefined the word conservative and the voter base has latched on to it. Maybe he should rename it the America First Party.

Sadly, the posturing by the politically connected GOP elites, those that once said “#Never Trump,” are now falling all over themselves to get in line to kiss Trumps hand, like SC Senator Lindsay Graham. That is pitiful to behold. Even in defeat the GOP’s ruling class seems to show spinelessness in the face of reality. Or does it?

Perhaps this shameless fawning by GOP insider elites could be a cunning device to sideline Trump and make him their creature, usurp and nullify his Fair Tax plans, quash his immigration plans and readjust his foreign policy ideas so the crisis profiteers can continue making armaments and money. Then it would be back to  business as usual.

Theoretically, the base would be pacified, for awhile, and the ruling class could get on with their task of ruling and re-entrenchment. Trump is a political outsider after all, unskilled in the fine art of political mischief and mayhem. But, beware, Trump is still an experienced fighter. Perhaps? We’ll know soon enough! Here’s my take: Do Trump supporters really want agreement with the GOP on the GOP’s terms? I don’t think so.

But, worrying so much about Trump takes our eyes off of keeping the US Senate. Losing that would be a crisis as the Progressives need only six seats to regain control of the Senate. They have targeted Illinois’s Mark Kirk, Ron Johnson of Wis., Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Ohio’s Rob Portman, Pat Toomey of Pa., and the now available seat of Marco Rubio of Florida. We also have three geriatric GOP Senators, McCain, 80, Richard Shelby, 82, and Chuck Grassley 83. All are apparently healthy men for their age but all are already politically fossilized by their overly long terms in office (a good argument for term limits). Democrats aren’t much better off. They need to save six key senatorial target seats themselves filled by weak incumbents.

Here in Georgia we have a Senatorial problem in Johnny Isakson who tells us he is facing the onset of Parkinson’s disease but will run again. Nonsense! He will assuredly resign, allow Gov. Deal to make an appointment, probably Jack Kingston, thus depriving the GOP voters of having a choice of who our next Senator should be.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

George G. McClellan, a California native, was a Regular Army veteran and served a tour in post war Korea. His post army professional career covered 43 years in law enforcement including the California Highway Patrol and the US Naval Investigative Service (NCIS), among others. With the latter, he became a world traveler visiting and working in many countries from the Philippine Islands to the United Kingdom, Asia, the Middle-East, Bosnia, all of Europe, Russia and India. He retired from the NIS at Naval Air Station, Atlanta, Ga. and has remained in the north Georgia area since 1990 as a co-owner of a Security Consulting company. He earned a Certified Protectional Professional (CPP) certification from the American Society for Industrial Security, as well as a Fraud Examiner certification (CFE). He has published a historical biography on a namesake, a member of the John Jacob Astor Fur Company who explored a route west, and back, after Lewis and Clark. Early American history, Celtic influence on America and conservative politics, remain his greatest interests. He is also a bagpiper since 1975. He and his wife since 1965 now resides in Gilmer County, Ga.