Conscious Co-Creating

You are energy. I am energy. Words are energy. Thoughts are energy. Everything on the planet is energy. Creating takes place with the use of energy. Conscious Co-Creating, as the words suggest, happens when we are intentionally using our energy to create a space of ease or disease. First and foremost, we must be consciously aware of our energy. Let me suggest a simple way. Every morning, when you wake up, scan your body for how you are feeling. You’ll get an immediate impression such as “okay,” “tired,” “exhilarated,” or even “other-worldly.” This feeling is a result of how the energy in your body is moving. Step two is to either feed the energy or change it. There are many tools to do both, which I will touch on later. What creates our energetic feelings?

Our emotions are a primary factor. Emotional energy creates a place of harmony or stress, and we are responsible for both once we become aware. Going through life unaware means nothing will improve or change. What a waste of our precious energy! Unaware energy can be seen in crowds feeding on the negative energy of an ego-driven speaker. We can literally see facial expressions change and blood pressure rise as faces redden and fists raise. On the other hand, if we are open to it, listening to an inspirational speaker causes our bodies to relax, our facial expressions to soften and our blood pressure to even out as our hearts open. Harnessing our energy can be easy or difficult, depending on how aware we are and the circumstances happening in our lives.

These are difficult times. In my writing, teaching and counseling, I create an energetic space where I am able to work with my client or group. This year, 2017, has arrived like a sun-storm of kinetic and jagged energy. Regardless of our political leanings or our family situation we are aware that all is not right with our world. Blame, accusation, hate, loud voices and even splintered families litter the landscape of America and the world. In my own personal landscape, a frightening disease has hold of my sister, my beloved home is for sale, and I am reimagining my career in a new and unfamiliar environment.

The first of these is the most painful for me. Grief, fear and worry took over my mind, body and spirit before I could put my tools in place. My sister is a soul-mate, the first born of our family who arrived a year and a half before me. I have never known life without her. Talk of hospital, surgery, and all that accompanies it were familiar to me from the death of my son in a hospital, the loss of our mother and dad, the death of her daughter and her husband. It wasn’t until I prayed and meditated that the light returned and I recognized this energy was being fed by fear and grief. The loss of my home is another, though smaller, grieving.

All of these things are reminders of the ways that energy works in my life, and yours, and the synergy of multiple people experiencing energies at the same time.

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.” Aristotle

The main thing to be aware of is how we choose to use our energy. Awareness is the number one thing, and being a HeartMath® Trainer allows me to bring myself back to center as quickly as I recognize what’s happening. On a large scale, the wars, genocides, divisions and pain in the world create a “global grief” which I wrote about in my book “The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss.” It’s almost easier when the problems are so big you can’t ignore them. Individual griefs, however, catch us by surprise and have to receive our deepest attention so we know where their energetic connections come from. It’s not only that I love my sister and treasure my home, but all the things that are connected with that in my emotional memory.

So what can we do?  I’ve already mentioned attention as we begin our day by scanning our bodies and finding/feeling where we feel energy—positive and negative. For example, my heart aches for my sister. So what can I do? The following exercise is based on the Heart Lock-In Technique created by HeartMath®

  1. I begin by breathing into my heart, usually watching a calm color move in and out of my heart as I breathe more deeply.
  2. As I breathe, I think of a time when I felt peaceful, calm, grateful or loving. (This morning, I remembered sitting on the rug on my porch, doing my meditation, when my daughter’s cat curled up in my lap. That was such a beautiful emotional energetic feeling of gratitude.) As you feel this emotion, breathe it into your heart and then watch energy radiate through your whole body.
  3. I turn my energy into synergy by then breathing this peaceful energy out to my sister and her family, feeling their energy join with mine in peace and calm
  4. If I am in a group, we can all purposely send our energy to one another once we have chosen an energetic purpose—such as love, cooperation, peace or even productivity.

“Conscious co-creating” is a habit that is reinforced the more you practice. I am part of a group that goes online by the hundreds at the same time, together, to join our heart energies of peace and send them out to the world. The group itself is aware of the power of more than one (synergy) and we have seen changes when we focus those energies on one place. Any kind of gathering works, whether it’s a family prayer at dinner or a networking group sending cooperation and synergy to colleagues, clients or hoped-for clients. The Greek word “Synergos means “working together.” I see it as bigger than that. To me, it is about intentional or conscious cooperation which can far exceed one person who acts alone. We all know this is a skill we need to increase in today’s atmosphere.

The next time you are in a group, breathe deeply and send your heart’s peaceful loving energy out to the hearts around the table. Imagine you are all there to create and implement the same powerful intentions. You will be amazed how the power of your focused heart can bring other hearts into a good place. If the whole group is doing this consciously, you are creating a synergy that proves the whole is stronger than its parts. Synergy is, therefore, the foundation of conscious co-creating.

Therèse Tappouni is the author of six published books—four of which have received major awards—and creator of two meditation/visualization CDs. Her latest book is The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss. Therèse is the founder of the company Whole Heart, dedicated to helping people live a balanced, loving and creative life. She teaches workshops for women in mid-life, grief workshops, women’s history classes, resilience workshops and one-on-one coaching created from her certification as a HeartMath® Trainer. She has also trained in many other modalities, including Somatic Intuitive Training™ and Time Dimension Therapy™