Is Trump the Equivalent of Reagan, Nixon & Kissinger? Colonel Waurishuk on Foreign Policy 2

Typically, the economy is the driving force in any general election. In this election season however, it may have to share the spotlight with America’s foreign policy. As the world grapples with how to fight terrorist at their own game – foreign policy has become the ‘hot potato’ game that President Obama wanted so badly to avoid. This time however – all indications are that folks are concerned with safety and security back here at home.

Presidential Candidate and Businessman Donald Trump delivered his first major foreign policy speech – with a teleprompter mind you. Which was to the delight of media pundits and establishment players everywhere. It was met with mixed reviews – but hey, what did you expect?

There is no getting around the fact that America’s foreign policy is in shambles at this very moment. Whomever the new President is, they will have to take a serious look at relationships to determine the best cause of action in this new world of global terrorism. Colonel Waurishuk joins me to discuss a multiple of foreign policy topics, starting with Trump’s first formal foreign policy speech. The Colonel believes that Trump maybe the equivalent of Reagan, Nixon & Kissinger – when it comes to their foreign policy successes that is.

Colonel Jim Waurishuk, 30 year career senior intelligence officer, retired U. S. Air Force Colonel, held positions on the White House national security staff, headquarters US Central Command – served in Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Iraq & Afghanistan. Also an advisory capacity for the Donald Trump Campaign President.

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