Choosing The Future In The Moment

There is so much power in that statement, and so much responsibility. At the basic level it says that every single moment I will choose my attitude, my emotion, and how I conduct myself in the world. It’s hard to believe, but this way of life can become a habit. As a Certified HeartMath® Provider, I teach the importance of energy from the individual to the planetary level. Everything, without exception, is made from and broadcasts energy. This includes our emotions. Whatever we feel we send out to our world like radio waves, affecting us, our family, friends and environment. It’s easy to notice when certain people enter a room and the room brightens, or darkens, based on their presence. Think of this on a global level with all the hate, anger and fear being generated! It is a simple matter, and one that could change the world, if we would only make that choice in the moment throughout the day. Do we choose fear or gratitude? Do we choose hate or love?

In my book “The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss,” I write that the most important moment of the day is when we wake up. I have established a habit of immediately gauging my emotional state before I even open my eyes. Am I already entering a busy day, thinking about what I have lost, what I have to do, where I have to go or someone I’m going to interact with that is not a happy choice? If so, I immediately breathe into my heart—deep and conscious breaths—and choose a moment of gratitude, appreciation or love. If I choose gratitude, it doesn’t matter what I am grateful for. Sometimes it is only that I awoke at all. Then I look for a place or time when I felt grateful for someone or something. I breathe that into my heart and then imagine it radiating out into my whole body as it felt at that moment. I picture the gratitude growing, expanding outside my body and into the room, then filling my house and the people in it and then out into the world. Others I know start with their pets. The whole process takes less than two minutes. Throughout the day, in that moment of choice, I remind myself of my morning emotion and recreate it, whether it’s at my desk, in the doctor’s office, in the grocery or watching the news.

Amazingly, whether you choose gratitude or another positive emotion, it makes even the people on the news the receivers of the positive emotion. They will never know it, but it keeps my body and spirit calm. I am able to feel empathy for those who are on the opposite side of my political or spiritual stance. This doesn’t mean I choose to agree with those whose opinions are out of my realm of Truth. What it means is that I choose to empathize on a soul level, knowing that inside each person is a reason for feeling or speaking the way they do. I don’t have to join their club. When enough of us do this, it can change the energy of a family, an organization or a country with equal power. Imagine the energy in a football stadium when your team is about to score the winning touchdown. Also imagine when a group of people filled with hate gather together and perpetrate acts they would never have done alone. All of this energy was transmitted from one to the other. I choose to transmit positive energy. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s available twenty four hours a day. It is a “choice point” every moment as to what we will feel, do or say.

On an individual level, this practice is so good for our health. Having a strong and peaceful heart and lungs through breathing positive energy into our whole body releases stress—the largest cause of disease. In these times of virulent negative emotions, it is necessary for all of us to make the decision about who we are and what we send into the world, consciously, in the moment. We set up a sort of force field that protects us and influences others. Our lives, and the life of our planet, depend on us making this choice in every single moment.

Therèse Tappouni is the author of six published books—four of which have received major awards—and creator of two meditation/visualization CDs. Her latest book is The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss. Therèse is the founder of the company Whole Heart, dedicated to helping people live a balanced, loving and creative life. She teaches workshops for women in mid-life, grief workshops, women’s history classes, resilience workshops and one-on-one coaching created from her certification as a HeartMath® Trainer. She has also trained in many other modalities, including Somatic Intuitive Training™ and Time Dimension Therapy™