Choosing to Consciously Feed the Field 2

Physics has left no doubt that we are a world of connected energy where our minute-by-minute choices have consequences we never imagined. (I’ve written about this extensively in previous articles.) If you don’t agree, look at the world where we have chosen to shut down the advanced emotions of the heart—such as love, empathy and compassion–and instead fired up the primitive emotions of judgement, hate and fear. If you have ever attended a sporting event or rally, remember the “as one voice” roar of the crowd when they think their team has been unfairly penalized or the speaker passionately evokes fear of another group. On the other hand, imagine being in St. Peters Square to hear the Pope, or in a concert hall listening to an uplifting symphony or, for some, at a Jimmy Buffett concert. You will literally “feel” the energy of the group in every part of your body. Your personal energetic field connects with that of the person next to you, and on and on until there is a huge vibrating field of energy sending a message out to the world.

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” Robert Kennedy

Knowing this, the big question is: “If we are aware that love and compassion are higher energies and affect the way that people feel and the environment reacts, why have we descended into the chaos of hate and fear all over the planet?” The answer is found in the ‘old brain’ way early man developed once the tribe staked out its own territory. Early peoples were well aware of the connection between them and the earth, sky, other humans and animals. This changed when they began to claim things for themselves and then defend their territory. Gradually, the world turned into us vs them.  Invisible lines were drawn to mark yours and mine both in land, color of skin, tribal affiliation and wealth. We separated from nature and we were no longer one people under one tent. The major cause was fear. Once we had “stuff” we needed a way to protect our stuff from those who wanted it for themselves. A pall fell over the paradise known as Mother Earth.

Some people of good will kept to the old ways, knowing that, because we are connected energetically, compassion and love create a life worth living. As time went on, these people were marginalized as we separated the world of commerce and the world of the personal, blaming those among us we labeled weak for their own misfortune. The time of superior man, totally separated from God and nature, arrived. Individual man-created religions replaced belief in a whole system. Recent discoveries in physics now point out to us the fatal fallacy of separateness.

We all need a warrior’s spirit to embrace our purpose.

“To open deeply, as genuine spiritual life requires we need tremendous courage and strength, a kind of warrior spirit. But the place for this warrior strength is in the heart.” Jack Kornfield

I believe that the hate and fear erupting around us in our political, social and economic world is a blessing from our dying planet. She is reminding us that we have failed in our mission to create a loving part of the universe. We have failed to protect our children in ways that make watching the Syrian tragedy so painful most people turn away. I’m not one who feels it is too late. If people could only bring their attention back to what’s important—conscious love, compassion, communication and empathy—we have a chance.

Teenagers are like the canaries in cages taken into coal mines to warn miners of danger. They are presenting us with millions of examples of stress, ADHD, depression, anxiety and suicide. They know something has gone terribly wrong and they need voices among us to encourage them to arise and help people of good will fix the errors of previous generations. Wise elders must return, picking up their responsibilities to do more than aim for youth and more stuff. Though there are many of us trained and taught about connection and energy, we need to be more vocal and more persuasive in the cause of reuniting heart-based people to say “no more!”

The energy field around us is being fed every day by every expression of human emotion. Starting with empathy creates hope. Ask yourself and your loved ones to honestly confront the question “How do we choose to feed the field?” Then consider your options. We can do this if we stop being defensive and begin to search our hearts honestly and fearlessly. We are mostly good people blinded by too much interference in our daily lives. Only we can choose how we feed our own emotional energy field, but the results will amaze you once you make the conscious decision to do so.

We are all in this together, connected at the body, mind and spirit level. We have no margin of error left. We cannot fail.