The President in Asia and the World takes notice; Donna Brazile’s Bombshell book turns heads; and the Church Massacre fuels the big debate on a gun-free world! VIEWPOINT THIS SUNDAY takes on the top news events of the week with panel discussions and in-depth, expert analysis.

THE CHINA FACTOR –  Can Trump and Xi Jinping contain North Korea? How much of a factor will the massive trade deficit play into China’s Commitment to restrain the rogue nation? Trump’s speeches on this trip letting N.Korea know we cannot be intimidated nor will we back down in any way from the acts of North Korean provocation and aggression. Is this President Trump’s best strategy option? Colonel Jamie Williamson, Dennis Santiago

Donna Brazile’s Message for Naysayers (go to hell) – Brazile had a great deal to say – and did she ever say it! The book HACKS is her accounting on all the ongoings and personality ego-sized driven affairs of the Democratic Party. Forget Wikileaks – the real action is here. IT APPEARS THAT IS WAS ALL A RUSE – DEBATES WITH BERNIE SANDERS, THE DNC PRETENDING THEY WERE NEUTRAL – DO YOU THINK DEMOCRATIC LEADERS REALLY THOUGHT THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH THIS? Susan Price, Barbara McGee

Baptist Church Massacre – The Baptist Church massacre left 26 people dead. Politicians and pundits immediately began to denounce Guns, the National Rifle Association members and even Christians offering thoughts and prayers were on the naughty list. How did so much go so wrong that this deranged man could even buy a gun? The other big question that needs answering–if everyone had done their job right and flagged all the missteps appropriately–could we have stopped him? If we did ban guns – what does our perfect world look like? Dr Ron Martinelli, Lt Randy Sutton


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