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3 Keys to Freedom in America

Will America always be the land of the free? How do we insure that America stays free for future generations? Our panel discussion takes...

Is Russia the New West? Is the United States the New East?

Could Red Square feel more open and free than Manhattan? Is it even possible? Denmark Journalist Iben Thranholm believes there is something to this new paradigm....

PTSD: Conguering ‘Traumatic Stress’

If strong and unnerving memories of the trauma continue on for long periods of time - you may very well be one of the...

GIFTS FROM GOD, fail forward to victory!

We are all guaranteed a few challenges in this lifetime... how we handle those challenges, and where we find the strength - will always determine...

Supreme Court Laughs at Feds Stealing California Raisins

Could you survive if half of your product, business, or profit was taken away? If not, could you pay the price to fight back?...

Ayn Rand: Is our country disintegrating and our infrastructure compromised?

In 1957 Ayn Rand’s masterpiece Atlas Shrugged was published.  A controversial character at the time, she was a prolific author and playwright. Much of...