Borne Again Muslims

It has become literally crystal clear and shocking to millions of Americans and Europeans that most of their Elites in the Media, Academia, Politics and Clergy are either utterly stupid or completely clueless regarding the subjects of Muslims and Islam.

People now realise to their utter disgust and horror the following TRUTHS:

That Islam does not mean PEACE but actually means Submission.

That Jihad is NOT a spiritual struggle by Muslims to commune with God because according to the Islamic scripture Jihad is literally the foremost pillar of Islamic belief as mandated in Muhammad’s Quran and Sharia:

Jihad is everlasting warfare against all human beings who are not Muslims called Infidels/ Kuffar (currently 80% of humanity of 6.5 billion souls) until all of humanity is either subject to Sharia or is EXTERMINATED!

That Allah is most assuredly NOT the same as the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham no matter what all the Elites tell the world (including Pope Francis) because Allah is only the NAME of the supreme rock god of Pagan Arabia centuries before Muhammad and his Quran.

Hence Islam is not a Religion but a CULT belief system: The Cult of Muhammad.

They are also coming to comprehend that no matter how outrageous and insulting the following statements are, they are none the less perfectly correct just by watching and reading what Muslims are doing against Infidels/ Kuffar all over the globe 24/7/365~

That Muhammad, his Quran, his Sunna, Sharia and each and every single one of his followers are: Hatemongering, Misogynist, Warmongering, Duplicitous, Racist, Hypocritical, Disloyal, Intolerant, Irrational, Vile and totally Ungodly!

Every time there is a murderous attack by a Muslim, the Elites tell us that he/she is Deranged, Lone Wolf, Misunderstood, Crazy, Insane, Radicalized etc and has NOTHING to do with Islam!

Let me assure the readers that every single Muslim (Male or Female) is a potential Mass Murderer the instant he/she decides he/she is NOT Islamic enough (Sharia compliant) thus instantly turning into what I call

“Borne Again Muslim” Syndrome hence must become a murderous Jihadi. This has nothing what so ever to do with radicalization by anyone.

No matter how unpleasant and frightening my conclusions are, there is absolutely no escape from these facts that conform with and confirm every single act of terror on Earth committed by every Muslim anywhere.

In conclusion, I advise every one of our readers to Google Quran and read ONLY chapters 1 to 9 inclusive. No need to read the remaining 105 other despicable chapters.

It may take one a maximum of 2.5 hours of the most relevant reading in one’s life because of the existential threat posed by Muslims to all our children, our future generations, our way of life, our cultures, our religion, our freedoms and our civilization.