Is this the Black AWAKENING? Donald Trump Hit a Nerve?

It is obvious that Trump has been able, at last, to breakdown the Black mindset with his recent speech and his outreach to ask the black community for their support and vote. Seems the Republican Party gave up asking for the black vote more than one hundred years ago. Might this be the Black Awakening?

No matter how many faults Donald Trump may have, they PALE when compared to the AWAKENING he has inspired in the USA among millions of citizens who were otherwise self destructively indifferent.

This is the Black AWAKENING. Trump should again ask Blacks especially (and all Americans in general) the following very simple questions: Are you BETTER OFF today than you were EIGHT years ago? Are you BETTER OFF today than you were FIFTY years ago? WHY then keep voting for the very politicians who have been BETRAYING you all these decades? WHY not try me?

Quanell X is asking himself and Blacks exactly the SAME question: All these decades, the Democrat PIMPS have been deceiving them. Time to reflect, assess and conclude. “Because it is a fact that for 54 years we have been voting for the Democratic Party like no other race in America. And they have not given us the same loyalty and love that we have given them. We, as black people, have to reexamine the relationship. We’re being pimped like prostitutes and they’re the big pimps pimping us politically… promising us everything and we get nothing in return. We gotta step back now as black people and we gotta look at all the parties and vote our best interests,” says Quanell X. “I want to say and encourage the brothers and sisters… Barack Obama, our president, served two terms… the first black president ever… but did our condition get better? Did financially, politically, academically with education in our community… did things get better? Are our young people working more?”

I hope enough Blacks will come to their senses and at least try a new approach because there is a saying that the sign of STUPIDITY is to REPEAT exactly the same FAILED experiment expecting a DIFFERENT result!