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Economic forecasters and financial experts say beware – the economy is looking very shaky and the result may catch a great deal many people off guard. Stocks are diving, retail sales are slumping, and retail giant Wal-Mart is closing 154 U.S. stores. Meanwhile, China’s markets are in free fall. Retail sales fell in December. Is it too early to mention the “R” word?

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Also – where are the 10 most expensive places to raise a family in the U.S. – we’ll find out! I’ll also give you the 6 Factors that point to a global recession in 2016.

Investor’s Business Daily says – Obamanomics has created the most anti-business environment in postwar history. Businesses face a record onslaught of regulation, a world-high 35% tax rate, higher minimum wages, hostile legislators who routinely demonize profits and success, an erratic Fed and growing uncertainty about the U.S.’ political future. Why invest? The bigger point is, recessions don’t just happen; they’re made. And it looks like we’re making one now.

WSJ says – Continued growth, but a slowdown in labor market improvement: this is the prevailing sentiment among a panel of economists the Wall Street Journal assembled for an outlook on the economy in 2016.  Economists here see the risks of recession between 20 and 40%.

Business Insider says – The “r-word” is back. After the worst 10-day start to a year ever, investors are anxious about not just the prospects for financial markets but the US economy as a whole. And now, people are talking about recession. Looking at the “real” economy of car-buyers and plane-riders yields few signs that things are slowing down. And a reading on consumer confidence published Friday showed that Americans continue to feel good about their economic prospects. Alternatively, signs out of the financial economy indicate that we’re still not nearing a recession anytime soon. But the US consumer is the heart of the economy, and right now there are few signs that this force is rolling over.

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