Our nation has roughly 3,500,000 Muslims in our country, including refugees. Even though many of them tell us there is nothing to be alarmed about, I know firsthand there is plenty to be alarmed about. Facts are facts.

According to an outdated 2002 report from the Center for Immigration Studies, approximately two million Muslim immigrants, or slightly less than one percent of the U.S. national population are in the United States today—

“The superpower status of the United States makes it especially attractive to those who wish to change the world order; what better place to start? Islamists do not accept the United States as it is but want to change it into a majority Muslim country where the Qur’an replaces the Constitution.”

Let’s digress back to a time period in history, where Thomas Jefferson took office as President of the United States in 1801. At that time our nation was already weary of having to pay tribute (money) to several northern African countries for safe passage of our trading vessels; we had treaties with them. All of this was to keep state-sponsored maritime marauders, known as corsairs (Muslims) from attacking our trade ships. Finally Congress had enough and authorized money to build up our navy in order to protect our cargo laden ships and deal with the marauders; and deal with them they did! Remember that part of the Marine hymn “to the shores of Tripoli”, now you know.

Today, apparently, America did not learn the lessons of old, because the seed of Islam had already started growth here by our very own citizens. Then, a couple of past Presidents decided to take in large numbers of Muslim refugees from the war torn Middle East.

The influx of Muslim refugees had already flooded the European landscape many years prior to coming here and they brought with them a dangerous ideology based from the Qur’an, an ideology that spells death, enslavement, rape and terrorism to all non-believers. For example, in Sweden a rape epidemic has been perpetrated by Muslim immigrants against the women natives there, the government said, basically, the immigrants don’t understand and that the Swedes need to assimilate.

There are enclaves (No-Go-Zones) throughout Europe, where fire rescue, ambulances and police don’t care to go into when they get the call, due to the Muslim inhabitants there. Inhabitants in those areas throw stones and even block the emergency vehicles when entering these enclaves. When looking at Europe it appears to be a magic mirror; does the U.S. want to look like that? We are surely headed down that path.

The following is an undercover video from 6 years ago that was compiled in the United Kingdom during Prime Minister Tony Blair’s tenure from 1997-2007, there is much to learn from it.—

In the next video the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans for Europe are the same for all the western nations as recorded from 2 years ago; complete domination of all people. Do we want that in the United States?

From the above video, a 2 year old slide. If you don’t think they are not out to get their way for Sharia law, think again.—

Britain Still Islam stats 2015

In the 2 year old video below, a documentation of the European flood of male refugees.—

According to the Heritage Foundation beginning in 2001 through a 2009 analysis, the following terrorism strikes took place against the United States.—

  • There were 91 homegrown terrorist attacks of all kinds against the United States, while there were 380 international terrorist attacks against the United States;
  • The two most prevalent U.S. targets of international terrorism were businesses (26.6 percent) and diplomatic offices (16.6 percent);
  • The two most prevalent U.S. targets of domestic terrorism were businesses (42.9 percent) and private citizens and property (24.2 percent); and
  • The preferred method of attack against the United States for international terrorists was bombings (68.3 percent), while the preferred method for domestic terrorists was arson (46.2 percent).

Today in desperation to kill there are newer methods of terror attacks, using vehicles to run over people and by wielding knifes when guns are not available.

For over 1400 years the ideology based in the Qur’an that most refer to as Islam has only toned downed in some portions of the world, as what we would call Moderate practicing Muslims. But the fact of the matter is, can Moderate Muslims guarantee us that they will not attack us through terrorism?

We often hear that Moderate Muslims are no threat and that only radical Islamists are the problem. Who’s to say that any of them won’t decide to step up the faith? And then there is this to contend with from their very own teachings of the Qur’an.—

TaqIyya Muslim to Lie

Based on the numbers alone from practicing Muslims in America, one might ask the question: “Is it worth having Muslim refugees on U.S. soil at all?” “Is it worth chancing mass casualties by 1 or even 4 individuals in a single attack, as often as it happens today and in the past around the world?” Just because Muslims appear peaceful to immigrate here doesn’t guarantee Americans safety at all. How do you screen that?

Remember, the Pulse nightclub attack where 49 were butchered by an individual born in the U.S. by Muslim immigrant parents. The bottom line for this incident was that the parents are practicing peaceful Muslims. However, their child grew up in the U.S. and became radicalized through Islam.

As a person on the outside looking in, I do not come to conclusions lightly, or with rancor against a people and high emotion, but with known facts and thinking about them logically, as best as one can determine.

The Qur’an and those who practice from it are set for complete world domination by my estimation and I’m sure I’m not alone in this thinking. The United States may indeed, eventually, end up as much on fire as Europe, matching them in terrorist strikes, rapes, pedophilia and enslavement of women along with grooming young girls for prostitution. Can we afford to just sit by and do nothing?

For those that think Moderate Islam is worth the chance keeping in America, please consider the following analogy—

Moderate Christian vs Moderate Muslim: Choose which one you would rather not see practice their religion at stronger levels of commitment. 

Simply saying Moderate Islam is completely safe is an absolute lie and an ignorance by those that would believe it as if it were 100% safe. Again, remember the Pulse nightclub shooter that was born here who killed 49, his parents did nothing to cause harm. However, even Moderate Muslims are no guarantee against stepping up their faith and striking as terrorists or even raping women (Qur’an allows it) at random within our communities.

Some leaders within the Muslim community may speak out against terrorism; they do so, in my estimation, to calm the masses that outnumber them at present in the United States. However, the goal is conversion and growth of Islam through peaceful means (Civilization Jihad), it’s an alternate methodology today to achieve final victory, rather than through violence for the coming years ahead, to dominate the United States. The entire western world is under the same threat today from Civilization Jihad.

This new methodology of Civilization Jihad, by peaceful means, will of course take years, maybe even decades to achieve final victory. But in the United States with a gun behind every blade of grass, I don’t see this ending well at all.

Since there is no will at the federal level to stop the growth of Islam or stop its migration to the United States, terrorism strikes on the American population will of course, continue; the ideology demands it. And the entire ideology from the Qur’an is completely opposite of what our nation’s U.S. Constitution was entirely built upon – “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all individuals, as declared in our Declaration of Independence. The ideology of Islam based from the Qur’an does not fit our nation and never will.

The only peaceful way I can see to save the United States from future increased bloodshed and to lower the odds for one individual to kill many again, is by mass deportation of all Muslim refugees. And outlaw Islam as a religion and reclassifying it as a terror sect ideology and in violation of the U.S. Constitution to practice it.

The Barbary War reignited many years ago and this time not off or on the shores of northern Africa but right here in the United States and Europe. We should have listened and paid attention to our history and heeded it as a warning from so long ago.

Note: [While writing this column on October 31, 2017 what happens? Another terrorist attack happens in New York City. Sayfullo Saipov, a 29 year old individual from Uzbekistan on a “Diversity Visa” runs over bicyclists on the bicycle path and kills 8 injuring 11, yelling “Allahu Ahkbar”.]

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