Bait and Phish, Computer Hacks Target People Just Like You!

Many scams happen online and are set up by computer hackers. The hackers send fake emails and/or set up bogus websites, which may look like they come from a genuine company when they don’t. Fake emails are known as spam emails. Scammers use these emails or websites to try to get you to give them personal information, for example, your bank account details or passwords. This is known as phishing. Phishing is a way scammers try to steal your identity and gain access to user names and passwords, to then steal your hard earned money. On today’s show we will interview a recent victim of a phishing attack that will share his troubling story on this episode of George Orwell 2084.


85 percent of organizations have suffered phishing attacks
#1 delivery vehicle for malware is email attachments
250 percent surge in phishing detected in Q1 2016
9 out of 10 phishing emails carry ransomware
1 in 3 companies have been victims of CEO fraud emails