Ask Your Moderate Muslim

It is extremely difficult for decent human beings who have been indoctrinated into believing that Islam is a Religion – to accept that it is inherently and eternally evil beyond Salvation or Redemption.

For decades, hundreds of millions of none Muslim peoples have been Misled, Misinformed, Deceived and Lied to – intentionally or through utter stupidity – by their clueless elites as well as by Muslims with the following Trash:

Islam means Peace when in fact it means Submission to the will of their god called Allah.

That Allah is the same as the God of the Bible and that Allah revealed the Quran to Muhammad over the inordinately long period of 23 years when in reality Allah is the voice over of Muhammad the Ventriloquist who concocted every single verse in his Quran hence Islam is NOT a Religion but a CULT, the Cult of Muhammad.

That Jihad is a spiritual struggle to commune with Allah when in reality Jihad is the foremost pillar of Islam.

To resolve these and other ambiguities and confusions in the simplest and shortest possible way I would like all those who doubt my assertions and conclusions to ask their ‘Moderate Muslim’ the following TWO pertinent, simple and unpretentious questions:

“According to your Quran, what are we none Muslims called?”

The Muslim has literally only TWO choice answers:

Truth: Will tell you that none Muslims are called KUFFAR/ Infidels/ Unbelievers

Deception: Will beat around the bush using Taqiyah (Islamic religiously sanctioned dishonesty vis a vis none Muslims)

Either way ask  your ‘Moderate Muslim’ the next relevant question:

“According to your Sharia, what is the destiny of Kuffar/Infidels/ Unbelievers?”

Again, the Muslim has TWO choice answers~

Truth: The destiny of Infidels is eternal torments in Allah’s Hell.

Deception: Anything other than the above.

Thus, any decent human being with two brain cells of logic will have ALL the facts about Muslims and Islam answered in less than three minutes.

I rest my case!

IQ al Rassooli
Kafir & Proud!