A SPIRITUAL RESOLUTION: Are You Feeding the Dark or the Light?
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A SPIRITUAL RESOLUTION: Are You Feeding the Dark or the Light? – The Universe is in a battle between darkness and light, and most people have days when they feel darkness is winning. What they may not realize is how they are feeding the darkness and supporting its agenda. The odd thing is that a lot of the dark energy is coming from people who truly believe they are Godly. What their souls have forgotten is that there is a definition of God—one that says we are all created in the image of God and that God lives within us. What is the nature of God? Love, compassion and care are all descriptions we find deep within our true selves, in the beautiful teachers who attempted to show us the God within and in children.

For reasons too huge to go into here, many have become fearful, jealous, angry, insecure and guarded. That guardedness has led us into gathering together with our backs to the wall holding on to our “stuff” and our “group” and our “territory” from those we see as “other.” The godliness of seeing “mankind” as one group, created by one being with the purpose of lifting and supporting one another, has been replaced by little enclaves of me and mine. The titles of ethnicity, religion, political party, social status—even school experiences—have separated us even further. All of this divisiveness and fear have created a world torn asunder, where we are constantly choosing sides, and this judgement creates more darkness.

My work with clients through HeartMath® and other modalities teaches that the illness and stress that plague the world come from those negative feelings I describe.

The research is telling us that not learning to follow the intelligence of the heart leads to separation, which is really the underlying problem in our families, in our communities, and, really, the larger world.
Rollin McCraty, PhD, head of research at the Institute of HeartMath® and international authority on the effects of positive and negative emotions on human psychophysiology.

From places of fear-related stress, many send out messages of anger—and even hate—to describe those people, religions and places we call other. In addition to creating physical and emotional illness within their own bodies, these carriers infect others with their plague of dark feelings, strengthening the grip of the darkness. Good people were infected by Hitler’s appeal as he methodically went about convincing them that “other” people were out to get them, their way of life, their money and their religion.

If this sounds familiar, it is. If your ancestors are Irish, Jewish, Polish, Native American, Negro, Chinese, Japanese and many others, their reception into America was the cause of the same kind of rhetoric. These new people would take our jobs, change our churches and even infect our children with their beliefs. Basically, they were “different.” We are in the midst, right now, of some of the most harmful rhetoric we have ever heard in the political, religious and human arenas. Photographs of small children driven from their homes by war are received with anger as American political candidates point out their origins. The tone of voice invoked, the pointed barbs of hate, pile up on the side of darkness. I do have hope, however. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

When it is dark enough, we can see the stars.

I am a creature of hope. I believe that the breakdown of love and compassion in large numbers of people shows itself to those who are open and they see the dark for what it is. In turn, their love and compassion come through and they feed the light. The numbers of people helping in times of challenge, as opposed to cursing and blaming, are adding light that shines on others and awakens them to the possibilities. A kind word to a person being besieged by hate can send a shaft of light into their heart. Words of hate simply create enemies and harden the purposes of those who would do harm by giving them an excuse. That is the power of the darkness. Political people use this power to our detriment. And yet, as we have seen with the new Prime Minister in Canada, a human touch and a human face can change hardened minds and hearts. It’s not in preaching that we change hearts but in demonstrating kindness and compassion as individuals and groups. 

Maybe it is time for New Year’s Resolution that can change the world one person at a time. As I asked in my last article, take time to do an examination of your conscience. Notice when and where your words or actions showed fear of the unknown or judgment of a person who is different. Then thank your heart for showing you yourself, and for giving you an opportunity to be more of what God asked. Ask yourself regularly if you do anything within your family, business, political arena or religious affiliation that feeds the darkness. If the organization is culpable, rethink your membership or be brave and speak out. Separate yourself from whatever does harm, even with the smallest word, and join the light. Our hearts will dance and we will be part of the change that is needed if we become like little children.

Happy New Year to all.

By Author Therèse Tappouni
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