79 million Americans Take Psychiatric Drugs! Have we all gone crazy? 2

Millions of people are being put on psychiatric medication based on subjective medicine. They don’t use science in psychiatry at all – it’s the doctors best guess based on symptoms and the medication prescribed is the latest drug of the month peddled by the drug reps. 79 million Americans Take Psychiatric Drugs! Have we all gone crazy?

Psychiatrists don’t try to get to the root cause of ‘why’ a patient is experiencing depression or anxiety or bipolar disorder. They just treat the symptoms with medication – which in many cases becomes a lifetime crutch. Needless to say this is very profitable for the pharmaceutical industry which is the MOST profitable industry in the world even bypassing the oil and gas industry. “The Pharmaceutical companies are very clear … they have no idea what causes these abnormalities in the brain and they have no idea how these drugs work to treat it,” says Kelly O’Meara.

Why isn’t the psychiatric profession held accountable for having no science to support even one of their disorders? How can we as a society put blind trust in a profession that prescribes dangerous drugs especially to children based on subjective criteria instead of science?

Kelly O’Meara is an award winning reporter who worked 17 years on Capitol Hill serving four members of Congress. One of her greatest contributions is writing several articles on the fraud of psychiatry and the connection between these psychiatric drugs and violent behavior – she went on to write a book on her findings called ‘Psyched Out’.

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Kelly’s Book: “Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills That Kill”

What’s really shocking is that more than a million children ages 0-5 are on psychiatric drugs. What is the rationalization for this? This is especially disturbing since children’s brains are still developing and we don’t know the long term effects these drugs have on their brains. “They don’t have to prove that an abnormality exists. The American Psychiatric Association just says it exists we don’t have to prove that it does but you have to prove that it doesn’t exist,” says Kelly O’Meara.

Parents and adults of all ages should educate themselves and be well informed and ask questions before agreeing to take any drug that could be very dangerous for them or their children. We’ve got to start taking personal responsibility for our own health and that of our children or we may live to regret it if we don’t.

Psyched Out, by Kelly O’Meara
Psyched Out, by Kelly O’Meara

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