17 Points That Will Make America Great Again

This had been one of the most disgusting presidential elections in modern history. Far too many contenders, most of whom are not worthy to run a kindergarten. Too much vitriol and very little respect or decorum. Americans are sliding down turning their country into a Banana Republic – below I’ll outline the minimum points that the new president should pay attention to. America is at a critical point in it’s history. The world needs the leadership that only America can deliver! I will lay out the 17 Points That Will Make America Great Again – just below in this column.

Publisher note: What is most interesting about the 17 points and the details put forth is that they come from a man who is not American – IQ al-Rassooli, author, Iraqi exile and passionate fighter against jihadist terrorism around the world. In a previous column to the British people, IQ had this to say: I am an Iraqi by birth (Arabic is my mother tongue) hence I am neither a Conservative nor Labour but the outsider looking in. I have repeatedly asserted that the worst enemies of the American and European peoples are not al-Qaida, Boko Haram, Hamas or ISIS (IS) but most of their criminally negligent leaders in the media, academia, politics and clergy who mislead them into believing that they know more about Islam than the Muslims.

Irrespective of who becomes president next year, if he/she believes in the Republic – they must do the following:

  1. Secure the borders. No one should be allowed to enter the USA without PRIOR authorization by the American administration
  2. Any that enter illegally should be deported immediately to country of origin
  3. Human rights have nothing whatsoever to do with illegal acts
  4. Stop the importation of undocumented immigrants disguised as humanitarian acts of compassion especially when dealing with Muslims who will NEVER integrate in US society
  5. Stop subsidising so called churches that provide shelter for undocumented ‘immigrants’
  6. Monitor all mosques and Madrassahs (Muslim schools of indoctrination)
  7. No Islamic laws should ever be tolerated (Sharia). Those Muslims who love Sharia should LEAVE the USA. Hence NO Hijab, Niqab or Islamic tribunals. Only US constitution. Take it or leave especially since Islam is NOT a religion but a CULT, the Cult of Muhammad
  8. All illegals already in the USA should be evaluated on merit and if found deficient, to be deported. They are after all ILLEGAL under the law
  9. Stop subsidising Muslim countries. They hate Christians and America hence let them turn to their co-religionists
  10. Attempt to make America and her allies independent of Arab oil with new sources and discoveries in other non Muslim countries
  11. Tax imports from China and other countries that are undermining the US economy and elevate US industries and productivity
  12. Allow the genius and hard work of individual Americans to turn the tide against the Nanny State government
  13. Overturn Obamacare
  14. The new president should surround himself/ herself with competent knowledgeable people even if they are of the opposite political party. No YES people
  15. Treat America’s enemies with the contempt they deserve and support her allies
  16. When the president puts down a RED line, it should be followed by whatever action was threatened so that her enemies will know not to mess with her
  17. Open dialogue with Russia’s Putin. Russia is NOT the enemy of the USA. The greatest threats are from Islam, Iran, North Korea and most probably China