An evening out with loved ones to see the most anticipated movie of the season. Date night out to take in a Cold Play concert in the city. Sunday afternoon to cheer on your big league baseball team across town. There was a time when you’d never give a second thought to bringing family members to a public event – how times have changed!

Do you keep on living your normal life, or do you give up a night out on the town for fear of an attack? That is exactly the question the terrorists want us to ask ourselves, and they’re hoping you pick the latter answer. Fear and Confidence are at opposite ends of this equation. GO with Confidence BUT be prepared. Stay one step ahead of the ‘what if?’ scenario. Here are 15 Tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe, compliments of the hosts Dene Menzel, Barbara McGee and Malcolm Out Loud of the hit talk show… Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure. Be safe and enjoy!

  1. Arrive early and be one of the first at the venue. Check out the surroundings for escape routes and security measures. Talk to someone in authority on security precautions and the ‘what if?’
  2. Be aware of things that look out of place to you. If you notice something odd, such as a bag that is unattended, or a person that is acting strangely or aggressively, speak to someone in authority and let them know.
  3. Have your phones fully charged before going to an event. There is no point in bringing a phone where the battery is almost dead. Make sure your children know your phone number by heart in case you are separated and they need to contact you using another device.
  4. Always have a meeting place in case you get separated and escort your children by the hand for their safety.
  5. Have a plan in place in case you are separated from your group. This might also mean having a back up option in case your first plan is not possible.
  6. Talk to your loved ones in advance that should there be an incident and the bad guy is close by – stay down and perfectly still if on the floor – do not bring needless attention to yourself.
  7. Be aware of your surroundings – know the venue that you are attending, pay attention to the nearest exits and the people around you at all times.
  8. Travel in numbers with a group when possible. Be First Aid Trained – First Aid Training is probably one of the most important tools a parent and child can have. Do you know how to respond if someone is bleeding or unconscious?
  9. Did you know the international phone number for emergency services from a mobile phone in any country is 112?
  10. Educate and speak to your children. We think that our children cannot handle information on safety, but kids are smart and will rise to the occasion if we treat them like people rather than trying to keep them protected from matters that we think they are too young to understand.
  11. Avoid places that are popular with Western travelers, who are obvious targets for terrorism. Everywhere you go, have a plan, so you can act automatically in case of a bomb or terrorist attack.
  12. Do not block both your ears with sound-deafening headphones. Keep at least one ear open and always listening. Pay close attention to those who see you as invisible. Always make a positive connection with those around you.
  13. When at all possible try and book trips and flights on off days when crowds are less, it will also save you money and keep you safer in the end. Follow your instinct and when your gut tells you to reschedule, give it real consideration.
  14. Be extremely careful on you departure and never take security for granted. When leaving a large gathering be aware of your surroundings and avoid large tight groups that make you an easy target.
  15. Be on hyper-alert outside of the venue. Pay close attention once outside the perimeter of the venue where security will be less available. Parking lots are prime places where an incident can arise without warning. You might consider a less obvious place to park – even if it is a longer walk.


15 Tips To Staying Safe At Concerts, Movie Theatre & Sporting Events