10 DrBev Tips To Discover Who You Truly Are

As children we may have been told not to brag or be selfish “You have your nose so far up in the air, you can’t smell your top lip!” While teenagers, wanting to be accepted, we may have minimized our accomplishments to avoid appearing high and mighty or stuck-up, too proud “You THINK you’re all THAT!” As adults we may have developed a false modesty to avoid looking prideful “She/he is so ARROGANT!”. We may come to not like ourselves and believe that we don’t deserve anything good. Fortunately, you will suffer while your self-worth is forgotten. Suffering can be a great motivator for some and a mere inconvenience to others. Truth be told, a few get addicted to their suffering “Addicted to Misery”.

Self-worth is what you are born with. You are worthwhile and have value, which cannot be taken from you. You can’t lose it, but you can lose sight of it. You can forget your value. You can be taught that you are nothing, yet you may feel a sense of entitlement to be more and think of yourself as less.


By doing something that interests you today, in the here and now moment of your life, you will feed your soul and your tasks with the creativity that comes from doing what ignites your passion. You must love and value yourself if you are to love others. You have to respect yourself and acknowledge your own self-worth. Does this make you selfish? No. It makes you responsible.

On the other hand, don’t neglect others by neglecting yourself. Love yourself and then you can love others. Don’t lose your self-worth. Each day make sure that you take care of yourself so that you will be able to take care of others. Not enough self-regard can lead you to become depressed, to fall short of your potential, or to tolerate abusive situations and relationships. Too much self-love, on the other hand, results in an off-putting sense of entitlement and an inability to learn from failures. (And it’s occasionally a sign of clinical narcissism).

Do you question yourself about being enough, being worthy of your approval of you? Do you seek approval of others to define your ‘Worth’? Are you striving to be more and feel that you are less than adequate?

10 DrBev Tips To Discover Who You Truly Are

  1. Understand the power of your attitude toward yourself and views about yourself. How you perceive yourself, how you talk about yourself, and how you represent yourself eventually become the reality for who you are.
  2. Learn to overcome a fear of self-love. Self-love is often equated with narcissism, egotism, and some kind of one-way trip to introversion.
  3. Trust your own feelings. Self-worth requires that you learn to listen to and rely upon your own feelings and not automatically respond to the feelings of other people.
  4. Stop making your self-worth conditional on other people. Once you try to live up to an image of what you think others want to you to be, you lose self-worth.
  5. Tell yourself that you matter. Realistic self pep-talks are great and affirming your self-worth openly to yourself can be a very good way to start changing the internal negative speak that you might have developed over time.
  6. Prove to yourself that you matter. One of the problems with much advice on self-affirmations is that there is a sense that affirmations are in and of themselves magic.
  7. Heed opportunities. Opportunities present themselves in all sorts of ways. Your job is to find them.
  8. Value yourself regardless of your job and earnings. Undervaluing your worth in tangible terms is a self-worth trap.
  9. Value your time. Alongside undervaluing yourself because of the job you have or the earnings you make is that of how you spend your time.
  10. Follow through. Maintain your focus on self-worth as an important part of what goes into making you whole.